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Medical Fitness to Drive

For most people, being able to drive a motor vehicle is a very important part of their daily life for maintaining social contact, for getting to and from work, and for accessing their everyday needs.

But with the benefits of being able to drive come certain responsibilities and one of these responsibilities for every driver is to make sure they are well enough to drive safely. This is important not only for the drivers own safety but also for the safety of all other road users. Certain health conditions can affect a driver’s ability to drive safely, either in the short term or more permanently.


What is a Medical Fitness To Drive assessment?

It is an On-Road assessment of a person’s driving abilities. It is conducted under supervision by an experienced On Road Driving Assessor [ORDA] and starts and finishes at the applicant’s home. The Assessor is also a qualified Approved Driving Instructor [ADI] and registered with the Road Safety Authority.


What to expect

When you choose to have a driving assessment with AlertDriving, either of your own volition, or because your GP or other health care professional has advised it, you can be assured of a professional and stress free experience.

The objective of the assessment is simply to determine that you are driving in a safe and competent manner and you are not a danger to yourself or other road users. The primary objective for all concerned is to keep you driving and independent. Remember, this is not a driving test but rather a general overview of your driving.


Who might need a Medical Fitness To Drive assessment?

A driver may require a MFTD assessment for a multitude of reasons particularly the presence of any medical condition(s) or functional impairment which may impact on driving ability. Additionally, the need for a MFTD assessment may be indicated through a concern raised by family regarding observed deterioration in the persons driving ability.


  • Newly acquired disability that may impact on their fitness to drive
  • Deteriorating or progressive medical condition(s) that may impact on their fitness to drive
  • Age related change that may impact on fitness to drive
  • Congenital disabilities that may impact on fitness to drive
  • 70 Years of age and over when applying for or renewing Driver Licence
  • Peace of mind

Booking a MFTD Assessment

You may book a driving assessment independently [self-refer]

- OR –

Contact us on Referral from your Health Care Professional to:

  • Make an appointment
  • For more information
  • Discuss your individual situation

AlertDriving provides Medical Fitness To Drive Assessments

In line with best practice as directed by the National Office for Traffic Medicine of The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and The Road Safety Authority


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