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Driving for Work

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Managing your “Driving for Work” obligations

Employers must have appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of their employees who drive a work-provided vehicle or drive their own vehicle for work. An employer is also responsible for the safety of staff travelling from home to a work location that is not their normal place of work.

The laws governing safe “Driving for Work” in Ireland are:

  • Road Traffic Acts
  • Road Transport Acts
  • EU legislation Regulations 2012
  • Health & Safety Legislation 2005

Option 1


Fleet Assessment and Customized Training


This is an In-car evaluation of an employee’s driving pattern/habits and is intended to reinforce good practice/behaviour and identify any areas which may need attention. We accept that participants of FACT are full licence holders and have varying years of driving experience and so our primary function is to refresh best practice disciplines and offer driver risk management solutions.

This process is essential for the ongoing Health & Safety of the employees who drive for your company and is recommended as a periodic review to maintain standards.


  • 1½ hours
  • Pre Training Assessment and objectives identified
  • Corrective Training & Evaluation
  • Post Training Assessment
  • Detailed Report & Certificate of “Driving for Work” compliance.

It is essential current and new employees driving for your company have their driving assessed.

Option 2


On-Line Driver Risk Management Solution

We are agents for FleetDefense which is an interactive online training platform to proactively improve driver behaviour and the high definition video footage used is of real traffic hazards and near-collision situations which have occurred on Ireland’s roads.

How it works

  • On –Line Evaluation of six core competencies of safe driving
  • The system will store an initial individual risk rating
  • Scores are used to prioritize the training curriculum for each driver
  • Training sequence/topics are adjusted in line with performance
  • 12 / 24 / 36 month programme


  • All modules are on-line and can be scheduled to suit the employee
  • Training is interactive and stimulating
  • Highlights potential driver errors before they become real
  • Effective “Driving For Work” training and Road Safety Authority approved
  • Cost and time efficient
  • Effective method of changing behaviour
  • Reduces collisions

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